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Cultivating children's curiosity & creativity through hands-on, learner driven education.


Full and 1/2 day program options available.

Math & Literacy Support and Enrichment classes (noncoercive)

Creative, fun and safe learning environment 

Certified teachers and homeschooling / unschooling moms 

Our Program 

  • Literacy & Math Support


  • Coding & Animation

  • Fitness & Yoga

  • Nature Exploration

  • Art Enrichment

  • Crafting

  • Culinary Arts / Kitchen Skills

  • Gardening

  • Puzzles & Games

  • Indoor / Outdoor Open Play

  • Teen Flying Squad 

  • Field Trips

  • Family Community Involvement


Self Directed Learning Environment

Our facilitators provide an enriching, nurturing and compassionate environment for children to pursue their interests and discover self through creative play and self directed learning opportunities. Our noncoercive learning environment helps children explore a wide range of interests, build self confidence and self awareness, kindles intrinsic motivation, and develops a life-long love of learning. 

Academic / Enrichment Opportunities

Our children learn through a variety of hands-on activities, each day. These include semi-structured math and literacy support (including mixed age group peer tutoring and read alouds), collaborative games and puzzles, independent study/self directed play, and a variety of enrichment classes! Our children enjoy Robotics/Coding, Fitness/Yoga, Arts & Crafts, and STEAM and so much more!


Field Trips

Experiential learning is real life learning! Whether it's taking a nature walk or exploring microscopes at a museum, our children enjoy group and family field trips for immersive experiences with people and places in the community. 

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